Come celebrate the birthdays of your favorite artists with Big B Radio!

Join us while we listen to songs by artist with birthdays this week

Every Sunday at 8PM EST and an encore every Thursday at 5PM EST

July 21 - 27

Everglow - Aisha

ITZY - Lia

KARA - Seungyeon

Mamamoo - HwaSa

Nu'est - Baekho

Oneus - Leedo

SF9 - Dawon

July 28 - August 3

Golden Child (Y and Joochan)

Momoland (Nayun and Yeonwoo)

NCT - Mark

Oh My Girl - Hyojung

The Rose - Hajoon


Up10tion - Jinhoo

August 4 - 10

AOA - Hyejeong

CLC - Yeeun

Seventeen - S.Coups

SF9 (Rowoon and Jaeyoon)

SuA (Dreamcatcher / Minx)

UNIQ (Seungyoon and Yibo)

Verivery (Dongheon and Hoyoung)

August 11 - 17

A.C.E - Jason

Apink - Bomi

Gugudan - Haebin

ONF - Laun

Luna (F(x))

Stray Kids- Changbin

Teen Top - Neil

August 18 - 24

EXID - Hyerin

G-Dragon (BigBang)

GFriend (Yerin and Umji)

KARD - Somin

Laboum - Solbin

Yesung (Super Junior)

August 25 - 31

Fiestar (Yezi and Cao Lu)

Infinite - Sungyeol

IZ*ONE - Wonyoung

Pentagon - Hui

Sejeong (Gugudan and I.O.I)

VAV - Ace

Wanna One - SeongWu

Please comment any artist you would like to hear be played on the marathon!

*I can't include every artist birthday but I'll try to best to include artists that are requested

This past week show

July 14 - 20

Apink - Hayoung

B.I.G - J-Hoon

Seven O'Clock - Hangyeom

Seventeen - Wonwoo

Taemin (SHINee)

Weki Meki - Elly

WJSN (Cosmic Girls) - Cheng Xiao


13 January 1987

The birthday already past for this year. But I will keep a note for a possible birthday marathon for him in 2020. :)

Eunha 30 May 1997
Sinb 3 June 1998
Yerin 19 August 1996
Umji 19 August 1998
Yuju 4 October 1997
Sowon 7 December 1995

I will add Gfriend to the list for the week of May 26 - June 1, Gfriend will also play in August, October and December. Thanks :)

I miss Son DongWoon (B2st/Highlight), whose birthday is on 6th of June

I will add him to the list

I miss Kim RyeoWook (SJ / K.R.Y / SJ-M) in the list. His birthday is on summer solstice (21st of June).


The next missed:
01st of July - Leeteuk (SJ/SJ-T/SJ-H)
04th of July - Yoon DooJoon (B2st/Highlight)
04th of July - Gackt (yes, I know, he's Japanese, but he sings Korean, too) ^^
10th of July - Kim HeeChul (SJ/SJ-T/M&D)

Thank you ;-))

I'll make a Gackt B-day mix on Jpop for July 3rd (check out the schedule for info) and will add HeeChul. Thanks :)

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