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Welcome to Big B Radio

Hi! This is DJ NeoN the new station manager, and I'd like to welcome you to the new Big B Radio website! First of all I'd like to thank DJ Ripster for giving me the opportunity to help keep Big B Radio alive. He has done an amazing job keeping it alive for the past 8 years! I'd also like to thank all the DJs, supporters, donors, & listeners for helping make Big B Radio this place that I love I will try my best not to screw it up.

The new bigbradio.net is now powered by Drupal and still in its infant stages. There are many updates and features to be added to the site so be sure to check in often! Here are some points to be noted about the new site:

  • If the new site isn't working well for you, the previous website can be accessed at http://wp.bigbradio.net
  • If the new web player isn't working for you, click the "More Web Players" button for alternative players & bitrates
  • Recent song history is updated periodically, if you wish to update it immediately click the button
  • Please read and follow the request guidelines when making requests!
    • You can request up to 3 songs (at most) per 35 minutes
    • All 3 songs need to be played on air before making your next request.
    • The DJs have the right to add additional bans/penalties.
    • Please refrain yourself from requesting 3 songs of the same artist.
  • Please report any website errors/bugs/suggestions using our contact form

Most important of all Happy Listening!